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3 Pack – Perfect Lip Nutrients is the Perfect Lip Balm




3 Pack – Perfect Lip Nutrients is the Perfect Lip Balm

A bold statement, but we can back it up. Perfect Lip Nutrients was developed by Kristen Morelli, a lip balm connoisseur, who comes from a long line of lip balm addicts. Her grandmother always had a lip balm in her pocket, and so did her dad. Kristen spent months searching for this Perfect Lip Balm.

What makes Lip Nutrients Perfect?

  • USDA Organic Certified Ingredients
  • All Natural Oils So Pure You Could Eat It
  • Manufactured by a Fair Trade Federation Company (1)
  • The #1 Ingredient is Fair Trade, Organic Beeswax from Zambia (2)
  • The #2 Ingredient is Organic Coconut Oil (3) – with natural sunscreen protection
  • Other Great Organic Oils including Jojoba and Mungango (4)
  • Flavored with Wonderful, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

Fair Trade Federation

(1) A quote from ”Fair Trade Federation members have one primary purpose: to support farmers and artisans in developing countries…”

Perfect Lip Balm Texture

(2) We suspect the honey bees in Zambia are uniquely happy, because this lip balm’s texture is so Perfect! Just the right amount “stick and slick”, and super smooth.

(3) Here at Perfect Supplements, we love coconut oil! Some of the health benefits of Coconut Oil include natural sunscreen and anti-bacterial properties.

(4) Mungongo Oil comes from a nut tree that grows in Zambia, and is used traditionally as a moisturizer.

*This Product Contains Tree Nuts*

“I recently purchased the lip nutrient chap stick for my 6 year old daughter because she suffered from severely chapped lips this past winter. Her lips would continue to crack and bleed no matter what chap stick we used. I’ve been using this on her lips twice a day for the past week .The results have been amazing! Her lips are finally healing. She told me this morning that when she smiles her lips no longer bleed. Needless to say I am a new life long customer.”

Marcella F, Smiling CustomerREAD MORE

We Hope You Enjoy Perfect Lip Nutrients as Much as We Do!

Perfect Lip Balm