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Hello Sunshine!

Meet Keri & Michala

We are Keri and Michala, your typical overworked, overstressed, overtired moms doing our best to be awesome at everything while keeping ourselves and our families healthy and happy in this hectic modern world.

Every day we become more aware of the importance of natural living for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Toxins, chemical additives, preservatives, etc., may be saving corporate America a dime, but can be making us sick.  It is especially scary to think of the severe impact it may have on future generations!

As we experience the benefits of living a more natural lifestyle, we want to help others along the way. Why? Because We Care.  We care very much about the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume.  We care about the health of ourselves, the health of others, and the health of our world and want to support others who care too!

Because We Care!

With natural living on the rise, more healthier products are becoming available on the market.  The decision on what to use can become quite overwhelming!  We have done our research and scoured the earth (well the internet) for the most popular natural products and brands on the market and put them to the test. Let us tell you about our experiences, good and bad, get our honest reviews, share up to date health and wellness news we find interesting, and grab some special promotions along the way (coupon codes make us giddy!)